Focussing on Price and Quality

At Cheap Aircon we make the impossible, possible. Providing high quality air conditioning units at affordable prices. Our units are backed up with reliable warranties which ensure you are more than covered.


Galanz Air Conditioning

We are one of the preferred installers of the Galanz brand and provide these at the lowest possible prices. You can be sure that the Galanz brand will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These units only come in non inverter and come with a 1 year comprehensive, 5 year compressor warranty.
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Aux Air Conditioning

We are stockist of the Aux Air Conditioning Brand. The Aux brand is the most widely distributed and installed air conditioning brand in KZN. These units only come in both fixed speed and inverter models and come with a 1 year comprehensive, 5 year compressor warranty.
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Alliance Air Conditioning

The Alliance Air conditioning brand has become a household name in residential and commercial applications alike in South Africa.  We stock the Arctic Inverter units as well as the Alaskan Non Inverter Units. All Alliance units come with a 1 year comprehensive 5 year compressor warranty.
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Samsung Air Conditioning

We provide Samsung Air Conditioning units at the best prices. We stock the Maldives Inverter units as well as the Boracay Non Inverter Units. All Samsung Inverter units come with a 1 year comprehensive 10 year compressor warranty.
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Cheap Aircon: Who We Are

Servicing the KZN and Gauteng Air Conditioning Market

We are here to change the face of air conditioning in South Africa. Offering you the lowest prices and best customer service. Expect to be impressed with our quick turnaround times as well as our follow on service. With us you can rest assured that you will be properly catered for and looked after with regards to your air conditioning needs!
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Why We Are Different



We pride ourselves on providing quality units will reliable warranties so our customers are never left unsatisfied


Back-Up Service

We have ample teams in order to get any problems solved quick and efficiently.


Best Pricing

We provide the best pricing to our customers. Our motto is

“Make less, Do more , and Keep customers happy”


Speed to Delivery

We pride ourselves in providing quick and efficient service. We usually can install within the same or next day. We provide estimates quotes as quick as 5 minutes from when we receive the inquiry.

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Dont forget to include your area as well as the square meterage of the room/rooms you would like to be heated/cooled.

We will first provide an estimate quote however if you believe your installation may be a bit complex, we can arrange for a site visit to provide you with an exact cost.

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When Should I buy Inverter Vs Non-Inverter

Inverter units are said to be more precise in cooling/heating. Non inverter Aircons provide a fix heating or cooling by a fixed power with the compressor running at a fixed speed. The compressor has to start and stop when required. On the other hand inverter aircons have a controllable compressor that provides the exact amount of heating and cooling as needed. So, in terms of efficiency and precision, inverter air conditioners are much better. This bneing said, if you are not utilising the units for more than 8 hours a day everyday, you may not see a big deviation in your electricity bill , compared to high usage figures.

Service Intervals

We stress that the all residential air conditioning units installed should be serviced annually at the minimum. Commercial and retail applications are more suited to being serviced bi-annually due to higher usage.

What is a "back to back" install

Installations on a back to back basis is whereby the indoor and outdoor are back to back or within 3 metres. In instances where the air conditioning units do not come with piping, we provide a allowance of 2 metres of piping before extra charges apply.

Warranties on the Units

All units come with a 1 year comprehensive , 5 year compressor warranty which means that if there are any issues within the first year for the unit as a whole, we will fix this free of charge granted the issue is our of own fault. You will also be covered with the 5 year compressor warranty if annual servicing is conducted.

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